Product & Nutrition

What TF is textured vegetable protein?

Textured vegetable protein - often called TVP - is a highly nutritious ingredient made from defatted soy flour. Rich in protein and containing no fat, TVP is a common meat substitute featured in many vegetarian products.

How long does MDRN JRKY last once opened?

If for some reason you don’t crush the entire bag right after you open it, consume any opened jerky within 2-3 days.

Is MDRN JRKY gluten free?

No, our product formulation currently contains wheat gluten.

Is MDRN JRKY nut-free?

Yes. Our product does not contain any peanuts or tree nuts. No sesame seed either.

Does it taste like beef?

Nope - and it's not supposed to either. Our jerky has its own unique taste and pull-able texture. Not to be biased or anything but we think it tastes better than beef.

How is vegan jerky made anyway?

Each and every piece is handcrafted and packaged by us. We take our TVP (see above), marinate it with some umami-rich flavors, a punch of citrus, and a touch of sweetness before slow-smoking it until perfectly tender.

Which flavor should I try first?

If we had to pick one, we'd say Original BBQ because it's a classic flavor profile that pleases everyone.

If you like something on the sweeter side, then the Smoked Maple is your jam.

If you like more of a punch, go with Chipotle Lime. (it's not that spicy, you can handle it we promise)


Can I buy MDRN JRKY in stores?

MDRN JRKY is currently available online through mdrnjrky.com or on Amazon.ca


Shipping & Returns

I just placed an order. How long until it's delivered?

Canada Post is our exclusive shipping partner and they offer fast, nationwide shipping. Depending on where you live, your product will arrive within 5 business days from the shipment date. 

What is your return policy?

If you purchase MDRN JRKY and don’t like it, we will refund your order, no questions asked. We understand everyone has different tastes and preferences which is why we thoroughly tested all three of our flavors to ensure we made a flavor that everyone can enjoy.